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That slide is naaasty!!” - Bo Diddley

“With slashing slide guitar, powerful vocals, funky licks, modern lyrics, and his ‘slop jar delta funk’ blues, his style elevates the ‘blues’ to a place where roots are respected, yet nudged towards the future. He consistently captures, then rivets listeners with precise, passionate performances.” - Jefferson Magazine (Sweden)


“The Music He's been compared to Ry Cooder and Leo Kottke. His style is a fusion of the Chicago and the Delta blues... hip-hopped up with an amplified acoustic bottleneck, wailing against a VERY funky bump-and-grind rhythm section. The sum of the whole is nothing less than marvelous. A must hear." - Victory Music Review


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“You shouldn’t miss this experience. It’s cut and dried…this guy kicks ass.” - Musician Magazine

“Nick took the 2016 Best of the Blues Award for Slide Blues Guitar and for Best Solo/ Duo Act in 2015. The Washington Blues Society has placed him in their Hall of Fame. Having earned finalist status at the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Nick Vigarino is now globally recognized as one of the top blues acts in the world. Be it a juke or a major festival, Nick delivers the story with a stinging guitar that is second to none.”- Seattle Times (Seattle,WA)

"We were promised that this guy smoked, but even that's putting things lightly...Nick took to dismantling what was left of all sensibility with the skill of a surgeon and the impact of a wrecking ball." - Washington Blues Society

— Slop Jar Delta funk —


“Improvised instruments were part of the early blues scene. During his[Vigarino] radio interviews, blues legends described how band members would scour their neighborhoods for parts and pieces that could be turned into makeshift instruments. One tale out of Helena, Arkansas, described percussionists using old pickle jars and cracker barrels — anything they could find to keep a beat on. One solution was a barrel used by a butcher to catch hog slop. That was a good one because, like a drum set, it produced a variety of tones.

“They called it a slop jar,” Vigarino explains. “I use a lot of old open tuning for slide guitar, hence the Delta tunings. And I’m always accused of being funky.”” bitterrootloop

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